Stay warm this winter with the Polar Seal heated sports pullover

Hikers, skiers, and trail runners searching for an extra layer to keep them warm during cold weather activities should look no further than the Polar Seal. This new active pullover recently launched on Kickstarter and features integrated heating elements designed to keep the wearer warm even in the coldest of conditions.

Available in distinctive cuts for both men and women, the Polar Seal looks a lot like a typical quarter-zip athletic top that you might find in any sports or outdoor apparel store. It is made from lightweight materials designed to wick moisture away from the body,  making it ideal for use in aerobic activities such as running or cycling. It even comes with  thumbholes on each wrist to provide an extra level of warmth for the wearers hands on colder days, and should perform well both as a stand-alone garment and as a middle layer under a heavier jacket.

Take a closer look at the Polar Seal and you’ll also notice a set of buttons stitched into the lower section of the left sleeve. These buttons activate the jacket’s dual heating zones, which can be turned on together or independently of one another. Those thermal elements are said to warm up in less than 10 seconds and offer three distinct levels of heat ranging from 104 degrees Fahrenheit on the lowest setting, 113 degrees Fahrenheit on medium, and 122 degrees Fahrenheit on the highest level.

The Polar Seal is powered by a USB battery pack and can reportedly provide as much as 8 hours of warmth on a single charge. Actual battery life will vary greatly depending on which heating elements are turned on, the level of warmth selected, and the size of the battery powering the garment. It should be noted that the pullover doesn’t ship with any kind of battery at all, so users will have to supply their own, which gives them the option of deciding if they want a smaller, lighter battery that offers less of a charge or if they want to carry a larger, heavier power source that will last much longer.

The team behind the Polar Seal is hoping to raise about $50,000 to get the garment into production. If successful, it will begin shipping to customers in November of this year, when it will go on sale for $169. Early-bird supporters can pre-order one now at a substantial discount. The pullover will be available in blue, gray, and black for both men and women, while the ladies can order it in pink, too.