Purisoo lets you purify water via its innovative pumping system

Rather than bringing liter upon liter of bottled water with you on your next nature adventure, you may instead be able to depend upon the water found in nature itself. No, you won’t have to bring iodine capsules, and no, you won’t just have to drink straight from the stream. Rather, with the new Purisoo bottle, you’ll have a reusable, portable, water purification system that you can use just about anywhere at anytime. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, or facing a clean water shortage at home, the Purisoo hopes to help by giving you a way to manually pump any fresh water source into clean, safe, drinking water.

The Purisoo hopes to serve as your emergency resource when it comes to attaining filtered, potable drinking water. Capable of processing up to one thousand liters of water (or about two thousand bottles of water), the Purisoo’s replaceable filters capture and eliminate impurities from fresh water sources. You can collect water from a river, a lake, or even the tap at a campground, and begin pumping away the potential contaminants.

Unlike other water bottles or purification techniques, which effectively requires you to store unpurified water and purified water in the same place, the Purisoo never actually contains any contaminated liquid. Instead, you’ll begin pumping the Purisoo directly from the water source — purified water will then be pumped into the body of the bottle, and you’ll then be able to serve fresh, clean water at your convenience.

The Purisoo pulls dirty water through the filter, purifies the source, and then deposits these results into your drinking reservoir. The triple layer filtration system claims to remove 99.99 percent of protozoans, bacteria, and sediment, and also promises to reduce heavy metals and virus presence, as well as bad odor and tastes like chlorine.

As it stands, the Purisoo team has completed the design of the bottle, and has begun testing individual parts. Prototypes are now in play, and Purisoo notes that the firm has identified a manufacturer capable of producing these bottles at a “reasonable cost.” The team is now taking to Kickstarter in order to produce the toolings needed to mass produce their water bottles. Thus far, they’re doing quite well — with 26 days left in the campaign, the team has raised over 50 percent of its $40,000 goal.

While you should always exercise caution before supporting a crowdfunding project, if you’re interested in the water filtration system promised by Purisoo, the team is offering early bird pricing of $69, with delivery anticipated for July 2018.


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