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Keep your hands warm and moisturized with Roxy’s new line of ski gloves

Ski gloves have gotten innovative in recent years with hi-tech features such as battery-powered heating units, infrared fleece, touchscreen-compatible finger pads, insulating reflective strips, convertible glove-to-mitt features and even wireless rechargeable liners.

Until now, however, there haven’t been any mountain gloves on the market that moisturize your hands while you ripped lines.

Enter Roxy’s now three-year-old partnership with skincare company Biotherm, which includes a variety of gloves, neck warmers, and ski jackets. The latest apparel line, called “Enjoy and Care,” features moisturizing microbeads embedded in the fabric of neck warmers and gloves. The Cosmetotextile technology works by injecting microcapsules with the anti-oxidant Vitamin E, an anti-irritation substance called Marine-Christe, and a blend of Shea butter and apricot oil.

The tiny beads of hydrating lotion are inserted into the fabric and then activated by friction. The idea is that as you move your fingers or turn your neck, the micro-particles break and slowly release the formula onto your skin. You can then spend a full day ripping powder lines in heavy wind, sleet, snow, and other burly mountain conditions but emerge with a soft face and smooth hands.

The Biotherm products can be washed up to 15 times at 40-degree temperatures before beginning to lose their moisturizing properties and even then it’s a slow dissipation.

Roxy’s Victoria ski mitt, which has a 10,000-waterproof breathability rating, features the Biotherm technology and is also made with cozy Thinsulate insulation, an elasticated cuff at the back, adjustable wrist strap, leather palm, Dry Flight insert and goggle wipe.

The combination means you can keep your hands warm and dry while you carve out turns on the gnarliest of days, but come inside to hold your apres-bevvy with soft, smooth hands. What could be better? The technology is also featured in the necks of select ski and snowboarding jackets.

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