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Shaze promises to be the ultimate camping, tailgating, beach, do-everything chair

Shaze: The Ultimate Lounge Chair
If you’re going to go to the hassle of carrying a chair to the beach, tailgate, soccer field, or wherever else you would like a seat, you might as well go big. Shaze, a startup working with the Blink Innovations‘ New York venture lab, recently launched an Indiegogo campaign for its eponymous Shaze ultimate lounge chair.

The Shaze chair currently weighs 10 pounds but the team hopes to reduce the weight by 10 percent when it ships to buyers in May. It is worth mentioning the weight up front before starting with the Shaze’s prodigious feature set.

Start with the chair. Opened up, the Shaze is 19-inches wide by 30-inches high by 26-inches front to back. The seating capacity maxes out at 300 pounds and you can get it in navy blue, pastel pink, or camo. The wood finish on the arms is always the same wood color. The Shaze folds, has two pack straps, and it is rustproof. The seat has IPX6 waterproofing and according to the development team, “So if you feel like sitting out in the rain for a week listening to music, you’re good.”

Music? Why yes, the Shaze’s built in 10,000 milli-amp rechargeable battery is rated for use from below zero to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but hopefully you will not have to experience either. The battery can power music through four built-in, waterproof speakers for eight hours or you can fully charge your cell phone four times with the chair’s USB port. If you use the speakers and charge your phone at the same time, it is good for five hours. When you get home you can remove the battery to recharge it so you don’t have to move the chair inside someplace near an outlet.

Other Shaze features include a headrest, a stretchable towel holder behind the headrest, and a secure storage box with a three-digit combination lock with room for your wallet, keys, and phone while you pop in the water. To finish the list, there is a drainable, insulated cooler with room for six cans, a couple sandwiches, and ice. A spigot on the bottom of the cooler drains melted cooler water.

So that is the Shaze’s feature rundown. There are other options like a solar panel and a custom table attachment, but the standard Shaze is quite a bit. Right now, the early bird pricing on the Indiegogo campaign is still available for a limited number of chairs for $55. As of publication, the company has already raised 96 percent of its $25,000 flexible goal with a month left for the campaign.

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