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Bring the whole family on your next open-water adventure with the BigSUP

BigSup in action
Supflex released the BigSUP 18, a stand-up inflatable paddle board made to hold up to 10 people — providing for the perfect group watersport adventure.

The company has been innovating inflatable stand-up paddleboards since 2009, ensuring quality and confidence in each of their products. The Supflex BigSUP 18 is large enough to accommodate 10average-sized adults — or up to 1,550 pounds. The exterior is crafted with a double layer of military-grade PVC and the interior boasts a reinforced composite drop stitch core, guaranteeing rigidity. 

This inflatable board is much stronger and more durable than a hard board when in use, but when deflated is compact and easily transportable. The board rolls up into a small size that fits conveniently into a car trunk or storage closet.

Supflex inflatable paddle boards offer exceptional stability and performance, attained by their high-pressure capacity and six-inch thickness when fully inflated. The BigSUP is lined on top with EVA crocodile skin, serving as the perfect deck on which to rest, paddle, or even practice yoga.

The product is equipped with 11 handles, making for easy group transport, and three removable fins. In addition, the BigSUP comes with its two of its own efficient, high- pressure double-action hand pumps, gauges, and two inflation valves to match. When connected to the valve, these pumps press air into the board on both the push down and pull up movements of the handle.

The BigSUP requires an inflation value of 10 PSI in order to ride but can be filled to 15 PSI. For your first or next group paddling adventure on the ocean, the BigSUP serves as the perfect tool, offering an opportunity for team building and communication in addition to sheer fun.

The BigSUP 18 retails for $2,490 through the company’s website. Although it does not include the paddles, they can be purchased separately for $55 each.

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