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Can this electronic ‘fish call’ really attract fish? We took it to a pond to find out

Tactibite is the world’s first electronic fish call, and it’s likely the best tool you can have on your tackle box short of live bait. The Tactibite has a hydrophone (an underwater microphone) that plays recorded sounds of prey fish to attract predator fish to you.

Operation is pretty simple so you can focus on fishing. Just power on the Tactibite and hit the play button to select the sound you want. Voice commands help guide you as to which sound you’re playing, and it plays prey sounds for both coastal saltwater and freshwater fish.

While we couldn’t do a full-on scientific test with a control group and multiple trials, when we took the device for a spin at a nearby fishing hole, we did see a lot of activity. Curious fish would swim by to check out the area, and we even had a fish bop the Tactibite just to see what the heck it was. As far as we can tell it really does seem to stir up activity, and that’s great if you’re trying to draw fish closer to your bait.

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