Alexander Thickstun

Alexander Thickstun

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Alexander graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering in 2005 and an MBA in 2011. He's an outdoor enthusiast and avid tech geek who started out filming his experiences with action cams, and now films product reviews for a wide-range of new tech, including cameras, quadcopters, and smart home accessories.

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This rugged charger is water, dust, and shock proof — but how does it handle explosives?

Scosche touts its rugged GoBAT 12000 as being "practically indestructible" -- so we put it through a series of increasingly hardcore torture tests to see how much abuse it can really handle.

PawsCam is basically a wearable GoPro for your pet that wirelessly uploads video to the cloud

Ever wondered what your dog or cat is up to during the day? PawsCam will help you get an answer -- it's basically a wearable action cam for your pet
Emerging Tech

Want to be an ace pilot before you buy an expensive drone? Practice with this $120 quadcopter

The Swann Xtreem Gravity Pursuit's $120 price point makes this one of the most affordable mid-sized drones you'll find, and it's perfect for those who want to get into the drone hobby without learning to fly for the first time on a $500+…

The Booq Slimpack is the perfect camera bag for minimalists

The Booq Slimpack is more than a premium camera bag. With simple yet rugged design it'll pack in all of your camera gear and keep it safe no matter what mother nature throws at you.
Smart Home

Sense by Hello promises better sleep

Better sleep through quantification is what Sense by Hello promises. It tracks over a half dozen variables that all affect your sleep, and it does a remarkable job.
Emerging Tech

Buzzing around with the world’s smallest camera drone

The Skeye Nano Drone is one of the smallest in-camera drones in the world right now. But how does it compare to some of the beefier quads on the market? We took one for a spin to find out.