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This rugged charger is water, dust, and shock proof — but how does it handle explosives?

The Scosche goBAT 12000 is an ultra-rugged portable charger that’s not only waterproof and dustproof — but also shockproof as well. That’s because it’s covered in a high-impact polycarbonate housing with special side cushion zones to protect it from the occasional drop or bump.

In terms of specs, the goBAT will charge an iPhone 6S six times over with its powerful 12,000 mAh battery, and also boasts a nifty intelligent charging feature that will select the fastest charging speed available for your device.

In this video, we put the goBAT 12000 to the ultimate test. We didn’t just dunk it in the pool and kick it down the steps — we actually submerged it for a half hour, ran it over with a car, and even blasted it with a few pounds of Tannerite. Check out the video above to find out if it survives!

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