This might be the best $30 car accessory you ever buy

Forget card tricks — Scosche has pulled something far cooler out of its sleeve for your dash.

The MagicMount Pro uses rare-earth magnets to mount your mobile device to your car’s window, vent, or dashboard. Adhere a thin magnetic plate to your phone’s case –or directly to your phone if you’re brave enough — and you can effortlessly place your phone on the Scosche MagicMount Pro. The mounts come with silver and black interchangeable trim rings, and additional colors are available separately in gold, rose gold, and carbon fiber to match your phone or car’s dash. Silver, space grey, and gold magnetic plates are also available, if you want a matching colored plate to mount directly to your phone.

There are three different mounting options to choose from. The MagicMount Pro Vent is the simplest way to hold your phone in place, and it can double as a makeshift kickstand for your phone. The MagicMount Pro Window/Dash is the most versatile; it uses a suction cup to firmly attach your phone to your windshield or car dashboard, which has a semi-sticky material that does not leave behind residue (think gecko feet). And the Pro Dash is the strongest mount that uses an automotive-grade adhesive to firmly hold your phone in place on just about any surface.

Of course you do have to attach the MagicPlate to your phone or case to use MagicMount, but at less than 1 millimeter thin, I couldn’t even notice it was hidden behind my case. Unlike other mounts that have large plastic gripping arms, the MagicMount Pro mostly hides behind your phone. And I like the satisfying snap I get every time I place the phone against the mount.

MagicMount Pro can also be used for just about anything else, such as mounting GoPro cameras, or placing a tablet on a kitchen counter or desk. Overall, this mount is a clever way to make your daily commute a little more convenient.

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