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Prone to losing your keys or wallet? Nut Find 3 will help you keep track of them

The Nut Find 3 is a Bluetooth tracking device that pairs with your phone to help you find your stuff, and it will alert you when you leave lost items such as your keys or wallet behind. The design of the Nut Find 3 focuses on loss prevention, so you never lose your items in the first place. We found these range notifications worked better than most other Bluetooth trackers, and we weren’t plagued with false separation alerts as we moved around the building.

Another feature that really stands out is the ability to set up silent zones. You can do this by entering an address, or dropping a pin on a map in the Nut Find app, and you can set as many silent zones as you like. The Nut Find 3 can utilize crowd-GPS. This means if you lose your keys somewhere other than home, anyone running the Nut Find app can detect your keys and send that location information to your phone. And the Nut Find 3 also has a replaceable battery, so you don’t have to replace the device. You can pick up the Nut Find 3 for $24.99.

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Apple's Find My AirPods feature makes it nearly impossible to lose your 'buds
100 phone thief coachella news find my airpods

We came away impressed with AirPods, Apple's first take on wireless Bluetooth earbuds. The intrepid Digital Trends review team was especially impressed by their simplicity. But they're certainly not perfect. They sometimes drop connectivity during phone calls. They don't always charge properly. And the lack of a physical tether between the left and right earbud makes them easier than ever to misplace.

Thanks to the newest iOS update, though, that last problem's a thing of the past. Version 10.3 of Apple's mobile operating system introduces support for AirPods in the Find My iPhone app. With it, AirPod owners will be able to see the earbuds' current location. And even better, a "pinging" feature will play an audible alert on lost AirPods. Tapping the "Play Sound" option under Find My iPhone's "Actions" menu queues the sound on the earbuds, and next time they connect to a logged-in device, it will play.

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Credit-card-thin Tile Slim helps you keep track of your wallet or purse
tile slim bluetooth tracker

We've covered the Tile before, but if you're not familiar with this unassuming little device, it's a Bluetooth tracker that you attach to your keys. Open up the app on your iPhone or Android phone and you can have the Tile ring, so you can find which couch cushion it's under. It also works in reverse, so you can press a button on the Tile and have it ring your phone.

The Tile Slim is a new version that's not much thicker than a credit card and it's designed to slot unobtrusively into your wallet or purse. Just like the original model, it hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can make it ring or see its last known location on a map if it's beyond Bluetooth range. It can hit 82 decibels, so you should be able to hear it wherever it is. The Tile Slim also has a button in the middle that you can press to make your phone ring, even if it's in silent mode.

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Lost your keys? Amazon Echo’s Alexa may soon be able to help find them

It'll soon be easier to make a list of things that Amazon's Echo can't do for you than all the things it can, especially now that Amazon is reportedly investing in TrackR, a company that helps you track your stuff.

As a "source familiar with the matter" told Reuters, the online retail giant is planning on investing between a quarter- and a half-million dollars with the Bluetooth technology firm, which may soon give Echo (and its associated virtual assistant, Alexa) the ability to help you find things like your keys, your phone, or maybe even your mind (well, not your mind).

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