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Buzzing around with the world’s smallest camera drone

The Skeye Nano Drone is one of the smallest in-camera drones in the world right now. Despite measuring in at a whopping 4x4x2.2 centimeters, this little whippersnapper boasts a tiny 480p camera for shooting videos and snaping pictures. But how does it compare to some of the beefier quads on the market? We took one for a spin to find out.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Skeye Nano is not the most stable quadcopter we’ve ever flown. Controlling the altitude is a bit challenging, but the Nano is actually pretty stable when it comes to moving side to side and making turns. You’ll get about three to four minutes on a single charge, and the range is advertised to work up to 500 feet away.

While the footage isn’t exactly high quality, it’s definitely still fun to watch after your flight. We were actually quite impressed with how stable the footage was for such a small drone. And if that doesn’t get you excited, the Skeye Nano also has an advanced flight mode where you can perform flips at the push of a button — which we found to be highly entertaining.

Overall, there’s definitely some room for improvement when it comes to controllability, but even with the squirrelly controls, you’ll still have quite a bit of fun flying the Skeye Nano and watching your footage afterwards.

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