Hunker down safely in 60 mph winds, inside The North Face’s Geodome 4

tnf geodome tent geodome4 2

When it comes to finding the perfect tent to accompany you on your outdoor adventures, you probably look for something that is lightweight, easy to set up, and spacious. It doesn’t hurt if it can also provide plenty of protection from the elements along the way, too. That is exactly what The North Face delivered in the new Geodome 4, an expedition shelter built for use in extreme environments.

With years of experience in creating tents for use on Mount Everest and other Himalayan peaks, The North Face designers know full well that the geodesic dome is one of the strongest and most efficient shapes available. Not only does it provide more room inside the shelter, it also makes it highly resistant to the strong winds that are common in alpine environments. In this case, the Geodome 4 can withstand gusts of nearly 60 miles per hour by using its multifaceted design to disperse the force of the wind across a larger portion of its surface. This reduces the impact on the shelter itself, helping it to stay in place.

Inside, the Geodome can comfortably sleep as many as four people with enough room left over to spread out their gear and supplies. Better still, the roof of the tent rises upward to a height of 6 feet, 9 inches, allowing all but the tallest of climbers and backpackers to stand up straight. Most other tents to be small, cramped affairs that can leave you claustrophobic.

Despite its size and unique shape, however, the tent is relatively quick and easy to construct. It uses just five tent poles, plus an equator pole, to create its structure. The Geodome’s outer shell is made from a dual-layer wind and waterproof material, keeping moisture from reaching the interior. The whole thing weighs less than 25 pounds as well, which is surprisingly light for a four-season, four-person shelter built to withstand harsh conditions. That lightweight design makes it a viable option for mountaineers and explorers traveling to remote destinations.

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This unique tent doesn’t come cheap, however. The North Face has priced the Geodome 4 at $1,635, making it a pricey option for weekend warriors. The expedition crowd will likely appreciate what it brings to the table, however, and will find its price tag to be fairly reasonable.

Unfortunately, the new tent is only scheduled for release in Japan, where it is expected to go on sale in March.