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Trago uses a smart bottle cap and app interface to keep you hydrated

The Trago system and to track your hydration by utilizing modern technology and innovative science. 

The team at Trago is based in Austin, Texas, and understands the importance of staying hydrated and how easy it is to underestimate your body’s water needs. The company launched a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015 that has brought its product into full-scale production.

Water makes up 70 percent of the human body but most people do not consume enough meet their basic needs. Proper hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle and the driving force behind the Trago’s mission.

Trago is a versatile gadget designed into a water bottle cap that utilizes trademark sonar technology to thoroughly calculate changing fluid levels. The cap serves as the primary intelligence mechanism, equipped with a battery, ergonomic spout, and superb features that attribute to adaptability and environmental sustainability.

The Trago cap comprises durable BPA-free plastic, a replacement battery compartment, and a shape designed to fit all wide-mouth water bottles including Nalgenes, Camelbaks, and Hydroflasks, although it does come with a bottle of its own.

The cap is connected to the Trago app, which serves as the hydration database and tracking mechanism utilizing your individual inputs including gender, activity level, and age. The mobile app builds a personalized profile based on these inputs to track individual hydration needs. Additionally, the app can be synced to other smart devices including your smartphone and popular mobile health applications. Real-time data is synched between fitness devices and the Trago app to better understand hydration’s impact throughout your life.

A long-lasting battery life is one of its most distinguishing features. The company designed the Trago cap to run for up to six months on a common replaceable battery.

To top it off, Trago is dedicated to giving back to the planet through its partnership with 1% for the Planet, ensuring one percent of its revenues are used toward reducing the growing problem of plastic bottle waste.

The bottle is easy to clean, fits in cup holders, and is taste-free. The smart cap and water bottle can be purchased for $70 through the company’s website and the app can be downloaded for free onto most smartphones.

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