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Uvex Snowstrike goggles change tint automatically or at the press of a button

There’s nothing worse than suddenly not being able to see as you’re carving steep lines down the mountainside on a pair of skis or a snowboard. Whether you’re weaving through the trees and suddenly emerge into a sunny, brightened area where you’re blinded by the contrast of the snow, or an eruption of snow flurries clouds your line of sight, you need goggles that can adjust to changing conditions. The Uvex Snowstrike VT goggles incorporate battery-powered lens technology to do just that — change tint in a matter of seconds, ensuring excellent vision in any light and weather conditions.

The Uvex Snowstrike ski goggles utilize futuristic variotronic technology that allows users to switch between four different lens tints — at the push of a button. It takes less than 0.1 seconds to change between tints — way ahead of traditional models where the tinting does not react very quickly to adapt to new light conditions. This change is possible due to a laminate of liquid crystals that is activated electrochromatically by an integrated light sensor. This can be completely automatic or accomplished by pushing a button.

The four different tint colors include a darkening violet tint for very bright weather, a neutral blue tint for light overcast conditions, a light-enhancing red tint for dark, cloudy weather and when turned off, the goggle serves as a clear lens, providing for ninety percent light transmission.

In automatic mode, a highly sensitive light sensor actively measures light intensity, switching to its perceived necessary tint depending on conditions. In manual mode, a user must press a button on the goggle strap in order to change the tint. The batteries provide power for up to thirty hours of continuous use — so you don’t have to worry about your vision from first chair until last. The batteries can be charged with a mini-USB cable.

In addition to the Snowstrike’s advanced variotronic technology, the goggles boast additional features that contribute to performance on the slopes. They offer direct frame ventilation and sixty seconds of fog protection — as opposed to the required thirty seconds. In addition, the Snowstrike goggles provide for one hundred percent protection against harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC radiation.

The Uvex Snowstrike VT goggles retail for $400 on the company’s website.

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