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Feathered Friends loses the zipper and hood for the Vireo Ultralight sleeping bag

vireo ultralight sleeping bag
Feathered Friends
As temperatures grow warmer and days get longer, bigger outdoor objectives come into focus and Feathered Friends’ Vireo sleeping bag serves as the perfect backcountry companion.

For backpackers and alpinists counting every gram, the Vireo boasts 950-plus fill power goose down in an elephant-style bare-bones bag that weighs less than a pound. Former Boeing engineers and founders of the renowned company Feathered Friends have been producing the highest quality RDS certified down sleeping bags for the past few decades and this product is no exception.

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The Vireo UL sleeping bag is about as minimal as they come while still efficiently serving its designated purpose. Designers have lost all the frills —— stripping the bag of its zipper and hood. In addition, the horizontal baffles are strategically engineered to contain varying amounts of down as needed to effectively thermoregulate throughout the body of the bag. 

The outer shell is constructed of durable Pertex Endurance and the lining fabric Flite 15-denier ripstop nylon, to withstand rugged conditions both in the backcountry and on the mountain. The sleeping bag comes with a stuff sack and cotton storage bag and compresses down to a conveniently hand-sized 7 by 10 inches, according to the company’s website.

The Vireo is adaptable for use in varying conditions, designed to be slept in alone during warmer seasons and paired with a parka in cooler temperatures. The lower half is rated to 25 degrees Fahrenheit while the upper half is only comfortable to 45 degrees, unless paired with a jacket. An additional feature is a high-neck design that allows the top of the sleeping bag to be pulled closed with a drawcord around a user’s shoulders, sealing in the warmth in harsher conditions.

The product is available in blue or orange at 62, 74, and 78-inch sizes. The Vireo UL retails for $309 on Feathered Friends’ website.

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