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Yogaslackers Slackline Kit makes it easy to practice acrobatic yoga

YogaSlackers ~ eLine Slackline set up REVISED (2013)
The Yogaslackers Eline Slackline Kit is perfect for beginners — and requires minimal setup time. 

Yogaslackers is a diverse group of athletes bound by the unique combined principles of yoga, slacklining, acroyoga, adventure, and conditioning. The company serves to teach its methods around the world, offering a variety of classes, tutorials, and related products.

The Slackline kit provides for everything you need to learn slackline yoga and unlike traditional slackline kits, it does not require a heavy ratchet or massive tension for set up. Just two trees and a few minutes of your time are needed.

The versatile 1-inch product is constructed of tubular polyester and made for lightweight and easy transport. The fiber is weather-resistant, making for worry-free exposure to sun and water. The product is designed for one person to set up on their own, using friction as the only tightening mechanism.

In order to set up the slack line, the anchor piece is girth-hitched around one tree while the slackline is girth-hitched to an opposing tree anywhere from 15 to 50 feet away. The slackline is brought to within two feet of the anchor piece, a locking carabiner is attached to the line, then z-drag is created between the anchor and the line, allowing for easy tightening or loosening as desired.

It is recommended to read the directions and watch the instructional setup video before slacking, but once the process is dialed in, it can be utilized with ease every time.

The Slackline was engineered with beginners in mind, providing for lower tension to enable safe and easy sitting, kneeling, or standing. The product is great for practicing both static and dynamic yoga movements. The kit includes three locking carabiners, one line lock, a 15-meter slackline, two tree protectors, a mesh storage bag, and instructions.

The Yogaslackers Eline SlackLine Kit retails for $120 on the company’s website.

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