Floating golf paradise planned for the Maldives

The Maldives will be the location of the world’s first floating golf course. The small island nation is hosting this ambitious project with a development cost estimated at $500 million. The golf course will be comprised of three linked islands with a conservation center as well as 200 villas spread over 45 smaller private islands. 

It goes without saying that a floating golf course would naturally have some pretty impressive features and this one doesn’t fail to impress. For instance, traveling from island to island may seem difficult, but it’s made easy thanks to a series of underwater tunnels that will connect the islands via a central clubhouse, allowing golfers to travel with ease underwater. Another network will connect the various holes throughout the floating course, as well as provide access to the hotels scattered around the complex.

The floating golf course is being design by Waterstudio.NL. and engineered by Dutch Docklands with the Troon Golf Company taking over operational responsibilities once the course becomes operational in 2013.

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