Floating island to save ‘The World’

It would appear that the wealthy of world might know something we don’t. What with the increasing trend of amphibious and island-sized development on the rise, perhaps we are edging closer and closer to a Kevin-Costneresque waterworld, and we just don’t know it.

And with tongue firmly in cheek, we introduce you to the project that may quite literally save ‘The World’, Dubai’s beleaguered island project headed by none other than Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, royal majesty, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. 

With ‘The World’ project experiencing a number of problems, things began to look grim for the Sheikh’s pet project of constructing 300 man-made islands off the coast of Dubai. That was –until the involvement of  Palmerstone and Donald Starkey Designs in collaboration with Atoll Floating Islands LLC to develop an ‘Ome Floating Island Home’ which can most accurately be described as a floating luxury home.

While many may roll their eyes at the hubris of the ‘The World’ project, the Ome itself is an interesting concept and a design that, in keeping with modern demands, exhibits a fair share of impressive features. 

Firstly, the Ome is self-sustainable, auto-providing its own water, waste management, infrastructure and irrigation support. Apart from it’s eco-credentials, the Omes are luxurious and will be sold fully equipped at a cost in excess of $22 million. Each Ome will feature a dual deck format, measuring at least 32 meters in length. Lower decks will consist of living spaces measuring around 1,400 square meters, with various amenities such as central ocean water swimming pool, open air lounge, and bar and dining area.

The upper deck will feature 5 bedrooms and spacious areas to relax and lounge.

Sales for the Omes are reported to begin in 2013/2014 with construction of the first Ome set to begin 2012.

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