Superheadz Clap Camera offers memory and image capturing in a tiny, tiny frame

The Japanese have a knack for making super small, super cute and surprisingly efficient tech things. The Superheadz Clap Camera is no different. Just check out the photos above to see surprisingly small this camera and memory card holder actually is.

The Clap is about as big as a regular USB flash drive, which it happens to contain. The camera is also a memory card reader for microSD cards. It’s capable of shooting two megapixel photos and 720 by 480 movies. Claps come in a number of colors like blue, orange and black. 

You may not be able to tell from the images above but there is not a viewfinder on the Clap camera. However, it’s very simple to use. Turn it on, press the shutter button and bam you’re filming or taking photos.

Or as their website says, “Take a photo like you applause for being touched from the beauty of the sceneries”.