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Apple ad shows off stunning shots by iPhone snappers

As Samsung wooed audiences at MWC with its new top-of-the-range Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge smartphones on Sunday, Apple, which doesn’t attend the mobile industry’s annual Barcelona bash, quietly launched a new ad campaign focusing on the iPhone’s camera capabilities.

As much a demonstration of people’s remarkable photography skills as the iPhone camera’s technical capability, the online ad shows off a bunch of images taken by owners of Apple’s latest smartphone.

Called ‘Shot on iPhone 6,’ the campaign will this week leap off the Web and onto giant billboards in 70 cities across 24 countries, with snaps by nearly 80 iPhone photographers featuring in the ads.

In a bid to show what everyday users of the iPhone are able to produce with the device’s camera, Apple reportedly sifted through thousands of images on sites like Instagram and Flickr, where the iPhone 6 is already the fifth most popular camera among community members.

Camera analysis firm DxOMark took a close look at the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus soon after the handset launched last September. The tech titan has never seemed interested in the megapixel game, with the iPhone 6’s 8MP count remaining unchanged since the launch of the 4S in 2011. Instead, Apple seems more intent on improving picture quality while at the same time working more features into its Camera app.

Concentrating on the cameras’ technical capabilities, DxOMark found that the iPhone beat the competition in almost every category. However, when it came to an image’s texture, it lost out to Samsung’s Galaxy S5. We’re certainly looking forward to putting the S6’s camera through its paces to see how it matches up against the iPhone’s shooter.

Of course, the cameras on the vast majority of today’s high-end phones are more than capable of producing excellent shots, leaving it to the owner’s creative mind and photographic skills to produce something that turns heads.

Check out the gallery above for six of our favorite images in Apple’s iPhone camera campaign. To see the rest, check out the company’s campaign page here.

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