BASE jumper hits cliff wall but escapes death, captures entire fall to ground on video

base jumper hits cliff wall escapes death captures entire fall ground video basejumper

Thanks to point-of-view action cams like ones from GoPro, users have submitted not only awesome footage, but also gnarly, close-call ones like this from BASE jumper Thayer Healey, who goes by the username of Subterminallyill on Vimeo. After taking the leap off a cliff called “Wall Street” in Moab, Utah, on November 24, something must have went wrong (Healey said it was equipment failure) and Subterminallyill slammed into the wall after pulling his parachute, sending him tumbling to the ground – all caught on video with the GoPro cam on his helmet.

While he is fine (obviously he’s doing OK if he was able to upload the footage to Vimeo), he suffered “compression fracture of the T12 vertebra, five stitches to the eye, six stitches to the chin, severely sprained back, wrist and hand, multiple bruised areas,” yet spent just a day in the hospital. Amazing yet scary footage, let’s hope his next video wouldn’t be shot under such terrifying circumstances.

(Via PetaPixel via DIYPhotography, Gawker)

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