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Nikon, Canon cameras prove to be no match for a hydraulic press

Crushing old cameras with hydraulic press
The Canon vs. Nikon camera debate is an ongoing one that permeates almost every facet of the online photography world. Normally, I’d do anything in my power to avoid unnecessary retorts about what manufacturer has a better sensor or faster read-outs than the other.

Today is different, though, and that’s because there’s a hydraulic press involved. Yes, that hydraulic press.

For its latest video, the Hydraulic Press Channel got a hold of a pair of 35mm film cameras and decided to take the Nikon vs. Canon debate to its most brutal reaches yet.

The victims of the demonstration are a Nikon FA and Canon AE–1, two of the most ubiquitous film cameras around. No matter how old or non-functioning a camera is, I’m usually not fond of watching them get destroyed or discarded. But I’ll let my conscience slide this time for the sake of pure entertainment value.

As for what camera came out on top after the destruction, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. Personally, I think the Nikon prevailed. But the reality is both cameras are nothing more than scrap metal now, so there’s not much to debate on that front since they’re both destined for a trash can.

Beyond the cameras, the Hydraulic Press Channel also put a Canon FD 70–150mm f/4.5 lens to the test. While that lens, too, was crushed, it was a bit surprising to see how well the optical elements stayed in place and relatively intact.

It should go without saying, but don’t try this at home — even if you somehow happen to have a hydraulic press sitting around.

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