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Capture One Pro photo-editing software updated with a host of improvements

Capture One Pro 10 | What's New?
Capture One Pro 10 is the latest version of Phase One’s advanced photo-editing software for professional photographers. It gains a high-performance engine for faster speed and an assortment of new features that make Capture One Pro even more versatile. Phase One has also added support for control panels from Tangent, bringing a new level of hands-on control to photo editing.

The speed improvements will undoubtedly be the most noticeable change in version 10 for most users. Phase One claims faster image processing times in addition to smoother performance when zooming, panning, and browsing full resolution images. Regardless of hardware, all users should benefit from the new engine.

Phase One has also refined how sharpening is done in Capture One Pro 10 with a new three-step process. It begins with an option to correct for softness caused by lens diffraction, which is often an issue on today’s high-megapixel cameras. The standard sharpening tools have also been improved, which can be applied to an entire image or just to select areas. The third step comes in the form of output sharpening, with options for “screen” or “print.” If outputting for print, both scaling and viewing distance are taken into account to determine the proper amount of sharpening.

Among all the new features, one of the most intriguing is support for Tangent control panels, which offer photographers an entirely new way to edit. Commonly used for color grading video, Tangent panels feature dedicated buttons and dials for a direct, intuitive approach to image editing. Tangent makes a variety of control panels with prices starting at $350.

Capture One Pro 10 is available on a subscription basis for $15 per month. Alternately, users can purchase full single- or multi-user licenses for $299.

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