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DJI’s Ronin-S just got more capable with slew of new accessories

DJI’s first DSLR and mirrorless gimbal that doesn’t need two hands just got more flexible. On Wednesday, November 21, DJI launched nine new accessories for the Ronin-S gimbal. The new hardware includes accessories from a focus motor for manual lenses to an external GPS for enhanced stabilization in fast-moving shoots.

The Focus Motor allows the Ronin-S Focus Wheel to work with manual focus lenses. The accessory uses a Rod Mount Set and Focus Gear Strip to control a variety of different size lenses. DJI says the Focus Motor allows for “seamless and precise control” with a .02 degrees of accuracy.

For videographers that want to use the Ronin S without a smartphone, the Command Unit attaches to the side of the gimbal. The small screen allows for quick access to settings like motor parameters and operation modes, DJI says.

While the Ronin S is designed for single-hand shooting, a new universal mount allows the stabilizer to be used with cables, jibs, and cam systems, as well as mounting the stabilizer to a car. The mount also powers the gimbal using two ports and a dual battery mount (sold separately).

The new mount isn’t the only accessory that can offer a longer battery life — a new Ronin-S BG37 Grip uses a built-in battery that’s rated for up to 12 hours of use. The grip uses a 2400mAh battery.

DJI says that the new External GPS Module will improve the gimbal’s stability for shooting scenarios with quick acceleration or deceleration. The GPS signal is used for more stability with abrupt movement, the company says, and also helps keep the horizon position.

Additional accessories launched today expand the different mounting options using the gimbal. A new extended lens support is designed to hold lenses longer than the support included with the gimbal, with an adjustable length. The Top HotShoe Bracket will mount a DSLR from the hotshoe bracket — DJI says this setup is ideal when shooting fast scenes like car chases.

The DJI Ronin-S is noted for its greater weight capacity, ergonomics, and built-in follow focus — the latest accessories helps expand those features (keeping in mind the weight limit when adding any accessory). The accessories launched today and are available at, DJI Flagship Stores, and authorized dealers. Prices start at $20 and move up to $179.

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