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Incredible POV video shows how skilled this drone pilot is

FPV Meets Giant Scale 3D Joe Nall 2016
Navigating a drone is no easy task. Whether it’s a thirty-pound hexacopter with a RED Dragon attached or a microdrone with a small 720p video camera on board, drones of all types take an incredible amount of skill to fly in even the best of conditions.

But you wouldn’t know it was difficult by following drone operator Steele Davis on YouTube. As seen in the above video, Steele specializes in anything and everything related to drones, from custom builds to high-energy flights.


For one of his latest videos, Steele showed off just how precise he can be with a little quadcopter. Using a custom drone base on an ImpulseRC Seconds Alien frame, Steele captures the similarly impressive talents of remote control (RC) pilots at work.

Below are a few photos of Steele’s drone used in the video. Do note though that he’s constantly updating various components, especially the propellers, so small tweaks can be seen from picture to picture.

With a GoPro Hero 4 attached to the custom drone, he gets up close and personal with the RC planes as they pull incredible stunts during Joe Nall Week, the world’s largest RC event.


How the drone avoids colliding with any of these small RC aircraft, I will never understand. At times in the video, it almost appears as though the drone flies straight through the planes as they weave in and out of one another in an improvised demonstration.

Despite this, it appears as though no drones were harmed in the making of this video. As for the resulting visual experience? Well, it speaks for itself.

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