This video shows what photo newbies need to know about Lightroom image processing

educational video tells everything need know lightrooms developing module lightroom 5

Adobe Lightroom is, by far, one of the most popular image-processing solutions on the market, owing to its powerful tools and easy-to-use interface. From amateurs to professionals, there are many photographers whose daily routine includes using the software, which cleverly combines image library management with post-processing and -editing functions. The latter are mostly found via Lightroom’s “Develop” module, which is the topic of a lengthy video recently shared by B&H Photo.

The video, which was recorded at B&H’s Event Space Seminars, features photographer Robert Rodriguez Jr. taking a tour through Lightroom’s developing module, elaborating on all the important functions that both beginning as well as advanced photographers should know about. While walking his audience through all the settings and features the ‘Develop’ module has to offer, Rodriguez sketches a basic photo-editing workflow and explains how and why certain edits are done.

If you’re using Adobe Lightroom and have not yet familiarized yourself with all the functionality offered in its developing module, you might want to take the time and watch this video. While it takes a bit of your day and your attention, it is well worth the 1:15 hours spent, especially for beginners in image processing.

(Via dpreview)