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Enlight photo-editing app adds iPad support, new ‘heal’ tool for easy fixes

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Enlight on the iPad.
aEnlight on the iPad.

Updated on August 12, 2015: Lightricks announced it has raised $10 million from venture capital firm, Carmel Ventures of Israel, in its first round of external financing. The 30-employee company also revealed it has a yearly revenue of $10 million, and that the additional funding will be used to drive “technological innovation in the field of mobile image processing.”

“Our goal is to bring the most advanced technologies from computer vision, computer graphics and image processing and channel these innovations into products that enhance the experience of our users in ways that have never been seen before,” says Dr. Zeev Farbman, Lightricks’ CEO and co-founder. “This funding enables us to expand our operations and continue surpassing expectations of what can be achieved on mobile devices.”

Updated on July 21, 2015, by Enid Burns: Lightricks has upgraded the Enlight app with support for the iPad. According to app developer Lightricks, an iPad version was the most-requested feature from user. The now universal iOS app (version 1.1.1) also got new features including a “heal” tool and TIFF export support. The heal tool helps users fix defects in photo; it also allows users to clone parts of an image with accurate results. System upgrades provide a seamless workflow when using Instafit, Duo Filter, Target, Tilt-fhift, Crop, and Re-fit tools. There’s also now “animated sessions” that show workflow edits, demonstrating a user’s creative process.

Calling it the most comprehensive mobile photo-editing tool on the market, Lightricks, maker of the popular app Facetune, has released a new app called Enlight, which builds upon the technologies first implemented in Facetune.

With its LTEngine image-processing engine and SafeBrush precision tool, Lightricks created the ultimate selfie-editing app when it released FaceTune. Now, Lightricks is bringing those technologies (and more) to all types of photography with Enlight. This new mobile photo-editing app is designed to be powerful like Photoshop on the desktop, but intuitively easy to use. Any mobile photographer knows there are a lot of photo-editing apps available, but Lightricks says the easy-to-use format is the difference between Enlight and other apps.

(Above, some of the effects you can do to photos)

If you’ve used any photo-editing apps, then you’ll be familiar with the toolset of features like crop, filters, and special effects. However, advanced users will appreciate the presets, masking tools, brushes, text input, and other adjustment tools for fine-tuning color, tone, and so on. There are also features for black and white photography and making artistic touches. For those unfamiliar with the more advanced functions, the app offers helpful instructional guides.


Other Photoshop-like features include image blending (Photo Mixer), Intelligent Photo Correction, tilt-shift focus, curves adjustment, and more. Users can also save their work and pick up later.

Enlight, however, isn’t free. The app costs $5, which is affordable for an easy-to-use app that’s loaded with powerful features.

Speaking of Photoshop, Adobe is also increasingly enhancing its mobile apps to be more robust like its desktop offerings, while still focusing on ease of use. While most of these apps are free, they do require a subscription to Adobe’s cloud-based service, in order to get the most out of them. If you’d rather pay once, Enlight could be a nice alternative.

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