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AI-powered stock photography platform EyeEm is expanding into video clips

Short video by @svanteberg
EyeEm, the platform that mixes social with stock photography organized by artificial intelligence, is expanding into new territory — video. On May 9, EyeEm announced the launch of EyeEm Videography, a stock video platform that will use the same artificial intelligence that powers the still-image option to automatically keyword and organize videos.

This launch is the EyeEm Videography Early Creator program, where current users can upload clips between 5 and 40 seconds long as the platform prepares to completely integrate video into the EyeEm platform later this year. The company has already tested the system by invitation-only, with selected users submitting video in the aerial, urban, travel, food, and nature categories.

EyeEm Vision is an artificial intelligence platform that helps power the image sales by auto-tagging photos. Along with recognizing objects in a photo, the deep learning program can also add more abstract tags, like “tranquility.” The app adds up to 20 keywords automatically, for sharing on the EyeEm social network or selling as a stock image.

The AI program is likely at least one of the reasons the clips are limited to 40 seconds — using object recognition in video typically requires analyzing each frame individually. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Florian Meissner, says additional formats are expected to be added to the program.

“We are always striving to empower out community to express themselves through the most innovative tools,” Meissner said. “After building our image marketplace and receiving requests for video from both our community and buyers, we knew it was the right time to introduce EyeEm Videography. This is just the beginning and we hope to add additional formats very soon that match the growing demand for moving and immersive media in today’s content marketing industry.”

As with its photo sales, EyeEm contributors will receive a 50/50 split of the revenue made from those uploaded video clips. At launch, the videos will be available for EyeEm’s enterprise clients as well as selected partners, with full integration with the original photo-based EyeEm expected later this year.

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