Go Deep (and Take It To YouTube) with the AgfaPhoto DC-600uw

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Germany’s Agfaphoto has announced its new DC-600uw underwater-capable digital camera, a ruggedized underwater-capable camera that can handle pressures of up just over two atmospheres and underwater use down to 10 meters, or almost 33 feet. Thew DC-600uw also takes VGA-resolution videos ripe for uploading to YouTube, so users can share their underwater adventures with the world. However, while the DC-600uw sports a friendly price tag and is sturdier than some of its competition, its feature set may leave some photographers wanting more.

The DC-600w sports a 2.4-inch LCD display and a six megapixel resolution: a few years ago that would be been monstrous, but these days it may be a little disappointing. Perhaps more disappointing, while the camera sports a 5× digital zoom there is no optical zoom capability at all; the camera also saves images (to internal memory or SD cards) using JPEG or DCF format, but offers no RAW support. The DC-600uw does feature face tracking, auto exposure control, automatic scene modes, ISO sensitivity down to 1600, and runs off AA batteries for easy management while away from power outlets and chargers.

The Agfaphoto DC-600uw should be available now for €149 in blue, with additional colors available in July.