Globell gets serious about color management with new monitor calibrator

A properly calibrated monitor is essential to knowing what your photos really look like, especially if you plan to make prints. Unfortunately, it’s not something many photographers think about, at least not when they’re first starting out. Germany-based Globell hopes to change that, with a new monitor calibrator it’s launching on Kickstarter.

Called the globellColor, the product works similarly to existing monitor profiling tools like those from X-Rite and Datacolor. It’s a hardware “eye” that reads colors from a monitor and communicates the information to software that automatically adjusts your computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) to output standardized colors. Globell promises to offer an as-yet-unseen combination of professional quality results, long-lasting durability, and an affordable price.

A key feature of the globellColor is its glass lens, which is advertised as being fully resistant to the effects of aging, ensuring it remains neutral throughout the life of the product. The glass is provided by Meyer-Optik-Görlitz, a Globell subsidiary that has made waves in the photography world for its remakes of classic Trioplan lenses.

While the optics may be unique, it remains unclear how the globellColor is actually better, or even different, from similarly priced competitors. With an expected retail price of $250, it goes head-to-head with X-Rite’s powerful i1 Display Pro calibrator. Both X-Rite and Datacolor also make lower-end units in the $150-$200 range.

While on Kickstarter, however, backers can take advantage of early bird specials. At this time, the lowest-cost pledge that includes the globellColor as a reward is $129. That’s certainly not bad for a professional-level calibrator, although it does come with the inherent risks of backing a product on Kickstarter. Globell has a good reputation and history with the platform, though, with Meyer-Optik-Górlitz having launched several lenses through it.

With 30 days left in the campaign, it looks like it will be successful. Globell has already raised over $17,000 of its $20,000 goal.