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Are you frustrated with connecting your camera via HDMI? Try these ribbon cables

If you have ever had to connect your TV or some sort of external monitor or recorder to your digital camera, then you know the frustration of having to work with mini and micro variations of the HDMI connection. These tiny connectors are not ideal for having a big and likely heavy cable pulling on them, which can cause connection issues. There are many interesting ways that videographers have developed to help remove the strain on these connections. Caleb Pike, a videographer who runs DSLR Video Shooters, shares in the accompanying viseo what, in his opinion, is the best HDMI cable for camera use.

The cable Pike recommends? Ribbon cable, which is light as a feather, easily bendable, and makes connections that are incredibly tight. As shown in the video, Pike performs a slight bit of DIY work to protect the ends of the ribbon cables a little bit better, saying they offer a much-improved HDMI experience on your digital cameras.

As Pike notes in the video, ribbon cable is incredibly popular in cameras and other electronics because it is light, easily bent, and can be fit into tight spaces, which allows for devices to be smaller and smaller. If you were to open up your smartphone right now, you could find some of these connecting your screen and cameras to the main board. In your digital camera, you would likely find some of these connecting button ports to the main board, or maybe even the sensor itself.

These ribbon cables aren’t all that expensive, either. After a quick search on Amazon, we found a ton of options available for less than $20. Add to that some shrink wrap to DIY the ends a bit, and you have a fairly inexpensive solution to an incredibly irritating problem.

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