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iLuv’s smartphone case with built-in remote shutter designed for the selfie obsessed

Has the selfie phenomenon driven you bonkers yet? No? Well, then, here’s another product for you to satisfy that self-love craze. The Selfy from iLuv is billed as the world’s first smartphone case that comes equipped with a wireless remote for the built-in camera, allowing you to activate the shutter button while using the better rear camera

Selfy combines an “abrasion-resistant protection” case with a removable remote shutter that’s integrated into the back, so it’s there wherever your smartphone goes. When you’re ready to use the remote, simply slide it out to snap a quick photo with the touch of a button, then secure it back into the case when your photo op is over. Selfy is compatible with either the iPhone 5/5S or Galaxy S5 via Bluetooth connection (it’s not one-case-fits-all; you pick the case for whichever one you own, naturally) – no third-party app download is needed.

With Selfy, you can compose and shoot images in a new and intuitive ways, iLuv says. For example, users can set up their phones several feet away to fit all their friends into the frame. The problem, of course, is that you can’t actually frame the photo, so you’ll be shooting blindly and hoping that you and your mates are actually in the picture when you press the button. Besides selfies, you can also use it to remotely trigger the shutter to avoid moving the phone, keeping the image as still as possible.

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Do you really need this? Not really, since you can use third-party apps that offer a countdown timer. But if you’re obsessed with taking selfies, want the ability to press the shutter when you’re ready to, and need a rugged case to wrap around your phone, then the Selfy is for  you.

The Selfy isn’t just a remote shutter/smartphone case. It’s a whole “ecosystem,” iLuv says, that will also include a mini tripod, bar mount (for mounting the phone to a handlebar), helmet mount, and car mount. The mounts turn your smartphone into a POV camera/camcorder.

The Selfy case costs $50, while the mounts range from $20 to $25 USD. Available in black and pink, you can pick one up via iLuv’s website and select retailers.

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