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LensRack shows off your camera gear while keeping it organized

lensrack camera gear organize display
Organizing your photography gear in an effective manner is all but impossible. Despite a great deal of effort, sometimes gear ends up in a messy pile on a desk in-between cleaning sessions or photo shoots.

LensRack could very well fix this problem. First funded on Kickstarter, LensRack is a clever and convenient way to keep all of your gear organized while leaving it on display.

LensRack 3

LensRack is made of modular aluminum and polypropylene components that snap together to create rails. Using specialized mounts, these rails can then be used to store and show off your lenses, cameras, memory cards, speed lights, and more while also keeping them organized.

For the time being, LensRack offers mounting plates for Nikon, Canon, Sony E-mount, and Micro Four Thirds lenses. As for securing other gear to the rails, LensRacks also makes flash holders, camera holders, and SD card holders.

LensRack 2

In addition to its modularity, LensRack is also small enough to be portable. So, if you’re planning an on-location shoot, you can pack up the LensRack with you and quickly swap out lenses on the fly without having to dig through your camera bag. It might not be the best bet if you’re looking to hide your gear from would-be thieves, but it makes changing equipment much more manageable.

A single LensRack rail kit will set you back $50, while the three-rail system will cost double that at $100. Now, that might seem expensive for some metal and plastic, but if you’re looking for better organization, it might be your best bet.

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