New Light & Motion kits feature bright, waterproof LED lights for video

light motion stella pro kits kit
Light & Motion has announced a series of LED lighting kits for professional videographers on the go. The new kits are based around the company’s Stella line of single-point LED (spLED) lights, which provide a deceptively large amount of power output for their small size. Designed to handle the elements, the lights are also rugged, and waterproof down to an impressive 328 feet.

Three models of light are available: the Stella 1000, Stella 2000, and Stella 5000, their names corresponding to their output in lumens. All are color balanced to 5000 degrees Kelvin and offer flicker-free illumination at any power level. Thanks to their small size, the lights are also easy to carry and are great for location work.

Designed to work indoor or out, the lights can be powered in a variety of ways. For the 1000 and 5000, onboard batteries provide anywhere from 1.5 to nearly 12 hours of life, depending on the output setting. The 2000 can run for one to nearly seven hours. The lights also include D-Tap support, so they can be connected to external batteries, like those from Anton Bauer, for even longer life.

Jef Lazell, brand marketing manager at Light & Motion, said the new kits are designed to provide “an all-in-one solution that professionals can use to hit the ground running.” The kits are split into two categories: Stella Pro and Stella Action.


The Stella Pro kits are perfect for filmmakers who need a compact three-light setup. The Pro 125 kit offers one of each Stella light, while the Pro 225 kit bundles one Stella 5000 with two 2000s and the Pro 555 kit serves up three Stella 5000s for maximum total light output. The prices are $3,000, $3,600, and $5,600, respectively, so these are clearly aimed at professional users.

Each Stella Pro Kit includes three stands, barn doors, a focusing optic, a 25-degree fresnel lens, a speed ring and gel holder, and a diffusion bulb. Everything comes in a Tenba rolling case with custom-cut foam inserts.


The Stella Action kits are designed for one-person crews and run-and-gun style shoots. The 1000 Action kit includes a single Stella 1000, while the 2000 Action kit bumps it up to a Stella 2000. Both come with a variety of accessories suitable for mobile field work, including a cold shoe mount, Novoflex Ball-19 ball head, pistol grip handle, and Elinchrom handheld boom arm.

The Stella 1000 Action Kit goes for $580, while the 2000 Action Kit comes in at $800. All kits are available now.


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