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MeFoto’s new tripod cuts the weight and can operate as a selfie stick

mefoto tripod selfie stick air monopod family
Regardless of whether you favor them yourself, selfie sticks are here to stay. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more and more companies are looking to take advantage of this trend.

One of the latest companies to do so is MeFoto, with its new line of tripods that include an integrated selfie stick into one of the legs of the tripod. Today, MeFoto officially launched its new lineup of MeFoto Air tripods.

In addition to the wacky color options on offer, the tripods offer “HyperLock” technology, which MeFoto calls “one of the most advanced leg locking systems found on any tripod today.” Rather than multiple adjustment points on each leg of the tripod, MeFoto’s HyperLock technology makes it so you only have to twist each leg once to adjust the height. Beyond simplifying the process of adjusting the height, this also helps to remove excess weight. In a brief hands-on, we found the tripod to be incredibly sturdy yet lightweight.

The defining feature of the MeFoto Air series though is its unique implementation of a selfie stick. With the help of a Bluetooth remote and spring-loaded phone adapter, each MeFoto Air tripod can turn into a selfie stick for easy capture of self-portraits.

It might seem a bit gimmicky, but its universal Bluetooth connectivity and convenient two-in-one package makes this a solid option for consumers who want versatility in their products.

The MeFoto Air tripods will be offered in multiple sizes, including MeFoto’s BackPacker, RoadTrip, and GlobeTrotter tripods, as well as its WalkAbout monopod. The smaller tripod is ideal for smartphones or small cameras, while the GlobeTrotter can handle more professional cameras, like full-frame DSLRs. They are set to ship on November 1, 2016, at prices ranging from $59 for the monopod to $249 for the GlobeTrotter tripod.


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