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MicroJib heads back to Kickstarter with 3 new GoPro accessories

MicroJib has Kickstarter to thank for bringing its original GoPro jib to market in 2015, and now the company is looking to the crowdfunding platform once again. This time, MicroJib is presenting not one, but three new products designed for GoPro action cameras, including improved versions of the first MicroJib.

The MicroJib 2 improves on the original with smoother control and a waterproof design. Simply rotate the handle to pan or tilt the camera through a full 360 degrees of movement. Unlike some other jibs designed for action cameras, the MicroJib 2 has no external rods or cables, with all the mechanical action taking place within jib pole itself.


Two separate attachment points allow the camera bracket to be flipped 90 degrees for either pan or tilt control (but not both simultaneously). A 1/4-inch socket in the handle allows for easy mounting to other accessories. Finally, a removable wrist strap helps secure the jib when used underwater.

The MicroJib XL provides all of the same features as the MicroJib 2, but extends out to a full five feet in length, an increase of over two feet compared to the standard model. Thanks to a four-section design, it is only 22 inches long when closed.

Given the extra length, the MicroJib XL is perfect for any action shots where getting above the subject is desired — think skateboarding, as an example. It also makes possible long, sweeping shots with a dramatic change in camera elevation.

The third product being introduced is called the Flow. It’s a five-section handle for a GoPro camera that extends to nearly two feet but is only six and a half inches when closed. Designed for water-based activities, the Flow offers enough buoyancy to keep your GoPro afloat should you inadvertently drop it while filming. A bright orange, “high-visibility” bottom cap will help you find your lost camera, hopefully before it drifts away.

With 21 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, MicroJib has raised nearly $8,000 of its $18,000 goal. Interested backers still have time to take advantage of early-bird specials, which include the Flow handle for as little as $24. Limited award levels that include the MicroJib 2 start at $79, while the MicroJib XL starts at $109. All three products are expected to begin shipping in October.

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