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New cinema filters from Moment give your phone footage the Hollywood look

BEST Filter For Your Phone | Moment Filters

Moment, known for its line of popular smartphone add-on lenses,  introduced a new series of cinema-quality glass filters on Wednesday, August 21. Both neutral density (ND) and circular polarizer (CPL) filters are available in 37mm sizes which attach to the Moment photo case via a bespoke filter adapter. Previously, filters could be adapted to fit over Moment lenses, but this is the first product from the company that can put a filter directly on a phone’s built-in lens.

ND filters are a key component in filmmaking as they allow for a slower shutter speed when shooting outdoors or in other bright locations. This causes some motion blur which makes footage look more natural. Traditionally, a shutter speed of 1/48 second is standard, but filming under sunlight requires a shutter speed many times faster than that to get a proper exposure — and the result is much choppier video. Unlike cinema cameras or DSLRs, phone cameras do not have adjustable apertures, so shutter speed is the only thing that can be changed to adapt to brighter situations.

Moment is offering five different strengths of Cine ND filter: ND 4 (two stops), ND 8 (three stops), ND 16 (four stops), ND 32 (five stops), and ND 64 (six stops). Combined, this effectively provides exposure compensation for a wide range of varying light intensity, from an overcast day to direct sunlight. Each filter is sold separately and priced at $35.

The Cine CPL filter cuts out polarized light and can be used to reduce reflections and glare. This can help you see through windows, or reduce overexposed highlights from light bouncing off of leaves, helping maintain more of the natural color in foliage. The Moment Cine CPL is priced at $45.

Both ND and CPL versions use anti-static and hydrophobic coatings to resist dust and water. While marketed primarily for movie applications, the filters will also work for still photography and are compatible with both the standard and telephoto lenses on an iPhone XS.

If you’d like to source filters elsewhere, that’s also no problem. The Moment Filter Mount accepts any 37mm filter, which is a standard, if not terribly common, size. The Filter Mount costs just $10 by itself. Moment is also selling kits with various combinations of filters that range from $45 to $130. The company is running a 20%-off launch special on August 21 only.

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