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From fencing to fried chicken, Nigel Sylvester’s new ‘Go’ video has it all

The fifth installment of Nigel Sylvester’s Go series represents a return to form, of sorts, for the pro BMX rider. Gone are the fast cars, private jets, and parachute entrances, replaced with a renewed focus on the bike. There are, of course, still many moments off the bike and plenty of cameos from other athletes and celebrities, along with a wealth of visually clever edits that the series has become known for.

This is also the first Go video to span more than one city — and country — taking viewers from London to Paris. This has also made it the longest, clocking in at a little over eight minutes. With nearly a half million views at the time of writing and an incredibly positive “thumbs-up” ratio on YouTube, it doesn’t seem that viewers mind; the more Sylvester, the better.

If there is one thing that Go continues to do well, it’s finding simple ways to put a smile on your face. Even with the increased time spent on the bike, Go London to Paris is not really a BMX video; it’s a travel vlog that just happens to be shot from the point of view of a BMX athlete. From fencing in the Somerset House, to sitting down for a meal with London’s esteemed Chicken Connoisseur, to falling in love in Paris (because, of course), there is a little something for everyone.

We spoke with Sylvester after the release of Go Tokyo last year, which was the third video in the series. He had started in New York, then filmed the second video in Los Angeles — but the project was just experimental. “After the great response in L.A.,” he told Digital Trends, “I said, ‘Listen, we have to take this thing around the world.’”

Having since been to Dubai and now London and Paris, that journey would seem to be almost complete. But Sylvester also said he wanted to hit as many cities as possible, and there is certainly plenty of the world left to see. So the only question is, where will he go next? As with other Go videos, the closing shot — and music — may offer some clues, but we will leave the speculation to the fans.

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