Nikon DS3 DSLR Offers Wide Dynamic Range, HD Video Capture

Nikon is again upping the ante in digital single lens reflex (DLSR) cameras aimed at serious amateurs and pro photographers, introducing the Nikon DS3 with a vastly expanded dynamic range and 1,280 by 720-pixel HD video capture capability. The DS3 features a reworked 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor that enables the camera to boast light sensitivity all the way to 12,800 in normal use…and an enhanced mode can extend that range all the way to ISO 102,400 for settings with very (very) low light. And the expanded dynamic range applies to video capture too, so videographers can take advantage of the camera’s low-light capabilities while shooting high definition video. Photographers can also trim video clips within the camera (no need to export to a PC to lop off unwanted video at the start and stop of a clip), as well as extract single frames from video as still images.

Nikon DS3

The Nikon DS3 also packs a heap of features aimed at pro snappers: the camera features an improved 51-point autofocus speed, optimized sensor cleaning functions, and a high speed mode that ticks along at about 9 frames per second—and in an improvement over the earlier D3, photographers will be able to take about twice as many high-speed pictures in a go: up to 82 “fine quality’ JPEGs or 36 RAW images. Users can also use an external microphone for video recording video, and the camera sports dual compact flash card slots to expand the camera’s storage: users can record the same data onto both cards for an instant backup, or record RAW and JPEG images onto separate cards, move data from one card to another, or specify a slot for HD movie recording. Of course, there’s an HDMI out for pushing video to a big screen.

Nikon DS3 (top)

The Nikon DS3 should be available in late November, but it won’t be cheap: the suggested retail price on the unit in $5,200.

Nikon DS3 (back)

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