Olympus pros teach photo techniques in ‘Anywhere Classroom’ video series

olympus educational video series working title anywhere classroom s1 e1

Thanks to high-speed Internet connections and seemingly unlimited Web space, educational videos are a popular means to learn about new things. The internet is full of video classes teaching the viewer certain aspects of the craft of photography. Sometimes, these are made by enthusiast amateurs, sometimes by professionals, sometimes by companies dedicated to educational videos – and sometimes by equipment manufacturers.

Only recently, Nikon announced a series of videos featuring the company’s ambassadors talking about topics such as lighting, outdoor photography, portraiture, and more. Canon, too, has online resources. Now Olympus has announced a similar series of educational videos, called “Anywhere Classroom.” It, too, features professional photographers speaking on behalf of the company, and just like Nikon’s series is focused on Nikon gear, Anywhere Classroom features Olympus Micro Four Thirds equipment.

In the first season of the series, Olympus Visionary and National Geographic photograpger Jay Dickman talks about landscape, wildlife, and nature photography in one five-minute-long episode each. And while he explains his workflow and using the critically acclaimed Olympus OM-D E-M1 Micro Four Thirds camera and his favorite lenses from both the Micro Four Thirds and older Four Thirds DSLR systems, the general knowledge that is being passed along can be applied to any brand of photographic equipment. 

(Watch Jay Dickman’s instructional videos for Olympus, and you’ll learn how to shoot nature images like these (above).)

As an appetizer, you can watch the first video of Anywhere Classroom’s season 1 below, featuring Dickman talking about landscape photography. The second season, which is slated to be “coming soon,” will feature “Olympus Trailblazer” and commercial photographer Alex McClure talking about light painting. The videos are available over at getolympus.com/anywhereclassroom.

(Via dpreview, Olympus; images via Olympus)