New Nikon how-to series show you how to move your photo skills to the next level

new nikon series show move photo skills next level behind the scenes mcnally
We often talk about “step-up” users as people with basic camera skills that are looking for a more advanced camera to enhance their photography. But what if you’re already an experienced user who’s fairly familiar with an interchangeable lens camera? Nikon is targeting “enthusiast” photographers with a series of new how-to videos that teaches them new tricks through the eyes of a professional photographer. The videos can be found on Nikon’s YouTube channel or its new Google+ page.

Called “Nikon Behind the Scenes,” each video follows one of three Nikon photographers, who provide insights on a variety of topics that include lighting, working with subjects, picking a lens, and capturing video. The online videos are designed to elevate intermediate users into the next level, by helping them incorporate pro-level skills into their photography.

Each video is hosted by either Nikon Ambassadors Joe McNally or Corey Rich, or Nikon Professional Photographer Tamara Lackey. The series launches today with “Light It Up with Joe McNally,” who talks about using on- and off-camera flashes. The series then rotates every two weeks or so, with Rich discussing high altitude photography next, followed by Lackey with her tips on photographing family members and pets. Until July, each photographer will host five episodes, with McNally focusing on lighting, Rich on adventure photography, and Lackey on portraits.

Of course, there have been plenty of videos like these on the Internet for years, and it’s not like many of us will find ourselves dangling from a side of a cliff like Corey Rich. Even if you don’t learn a thing, these videos are still entertaining to watch, as they give us an insight to these photographers’ workflows.

Check out the first video here.

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