Photo agency Snapwire partners with Adobe, adds Lightroom, Photoshop tools to app

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Snapwire, the stock photo agency that focuses on a new generation of mobile photographers, has announced that its new Snapwire 2.3.0 iOS app will take advantage of Adobe’s Creative SDK to implement popular Adobe tools into the app. Snapwire users can use Adobe Lightroom presets, as well as tools from Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

“We are thrilled to be working with Adobe to integrate its Creative SDK on our platform,” Snapwire CEO Chad Newell says in a statement. “Adobe has the lens on what photographers want when they go to manipulate and change photos. If you’re using Adobe products, you already understand the power of the creative tools in the first place. Encouraging photographers who use Adobe in their workflow makes this a seamless collaboration for us.”

Although it has been announced, the app won’t be demoed until next week, when Adobe holds its MAX conference in Los Angeles.

With the app’s new Adobe features, users can adjust temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, sharpness, and noise reduction; remove red eye; and crop, rotate, and flip – much like the editing tools in many photo apps, but with the Adobe touch. Snapwire says the app is also one of the first to incorporate Lightroom’s Upright feature that “automatically correct perspective and rotation on photos.”

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The app will also create a tighter integration with Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform. CC users can tap into their portfolio and submit them to Snapwire’s service.

“In addition to photographers, we’re also excited about how this will impact buyers,” Newell says. “For our buyers, photos being sourced from Adobe Creative Cloud are more likely to be higher quality than those that may not, just by virtue of the photographer using the Adobe tool set to enhance their images. We’re currently using the Adobe Creative SDK, but working towards a long, deep, lasting relationship with Adobe Creative Cloud customers.”

When Adobe announced the Creative SDK private beta back in June, it didn’t reveal any of the third-party participants; it looks like Snapwire is one of them, but Adobe’s Jacob Surber says move updates will be announced at the MAX conference. For Snapwire, it has been harnessing the Instagram generation as a source for stock image buyers to tap into fresh ideas. Besides offering buyers more image options, the Adobe partnership could also introduce Snapwire users into the Creative Cloud platform, giving them pro-like tools that they may not normally use.

Snapwire also announced that its app has been localized into nine languages, and it’s planning its international expansion with the opening of a Tokyo office. Not bad for a photo agency that started with a handful of people. Check out our story on Snapwire.

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