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Here’s a list of cool portfolio sites for photographers who want to showcase their work

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Whether you’re a newbie photographer who fancies the idea of finally showcasing some of your work online or a seasoned pro on the hunt for a new platform to boost your brand, this recently published list of portfolio services from Wise Buyer should be worth a look.

The Toronto-based team talked to more than 800 “real-life users” of 13 such sites to learn more about the highlights and lowlights of each one.

If nothing else, it’s a useful resource for anyone searching for an online portfolio service, though the list does omit some obvious candidates, among them Squarespace, SiteWelder, Pixelrights, and Wix.

Top of the list was Format with a 95 percent customer satisfaction rating. Users noted its ease of use and all-around simplicity, with one fan describing it as “idiot proof.” Prices start at $6 a month, with all four plans allowing you to integrate store functionality so you can sell your images, if you wish.

22Slides was also highly regarded among Wise Buyer’s sample, with users praising it for its ease of use and “super responsive” customer service. However, some said they’d prefer “a more video video-friendly option.” 22Slides costs $10 a month. “One plan, no upsells, no gimmicks,” the site says.

Third on the list is SmugMug. Operating since 2002, SmugMug has had plenty of time to refine its service, and clearly has its fans. Its customer support, offer of unlimited web space, and printing services were all praised by its users, though at least one described the site as “not the most user friendly.” You can get started with SmugMug for just $3.34 a month.

Here’s Wise Buyer’s full chart:


Of course, an important feature offered by all the services is the ability to try it for free so you can discover just how easy it is to build your portfolio, and whether you can achieve the kind of results you had in mind when you set out.

If you use an alternative service that you’re happy with, feel free to add it in the comments with a few words about why you like it.

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