Photography newbie? CameraSim 3D teaches basics through first-person video game

photography newbie camerasim 3d lets learn first person video game screengrab

Back in 2011, we first reported about CameraSim’s online DSLR simulator, which was designed to help photography newcomers learn all the important details about their cameras. Featuring various shooting scenarios, the website simulated a DSLR viewfinder and offered various sliders to experiment with the camera’s settings and immediately see the results. Now, the makers of the original DSLR simulator have taken their concept to the next level, and created a simulator that lets you use a virtual DSLR in a first-person video game-like 3D environment.

Thanks to the 3D game engine that the software is based upon, it can simulate not only all the basic DSLR functions including ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure priority mode, but there will also be the option to use a tripod, change white balance, use exposure compensation, and turn the flash on and off. According to CameraSim’s website, the software, which is scheduled to appear in mid-2014, can accurately replicate ISO grain, depth-of-field blur, motion blur, and exposure based on the camera’s settings.

Another helpful feature of the 3D camera simulator is the ability to swap lenses in order to experience different focal lengths and the way they change the look of an image – something that is just as important to learn as the basic camera settings. Together with the immersive 3D environment, we reckon that CameraSim 3D will be one of the most enjoyable ways of learning to operate a camera. And in order to keep track of your efforts, you can even save the images you “shoot” in the simulation.

To get an idea of what the new camera simulator will look like (and to whet your appetite on trying it out once it goes live), the makers have posted the preview video below. More information on the new 3D camera simulator can be found over at the CameraSim website.

(Via PetaPixel)


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