Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus making progress, 4K drone video flyover shows

Apple admirers keen to see how the company’s ‘spaceship’ campus is coming along now have another video to view, with the latest drone-made production landing on the Web over the weekend.

Work started on the enormous site in the second half of last year and should be completed in 2016. As with earlier drone videos showing the developing campus, the distinctive circular shape is clear to see, as is the enormous scale of the project.

The completed campus will spread across 176 acres and is set to include four floors of office space, a research and development facility, fitness centers, dining facilities, a 1,000-seat underground auditorium, and jogging paths throughout its extensive grounds.

The futuristic-looking complex will feature a solar-paneled roof and be one of the greenest buildings on Earth, Apple CEO Tim Cook said last year.

The construction, which will be the main workspace for some 14,000 Apple employees when it opens, is the work of acclaimed architect Norman Foster, though it was the former Apple boss and co-founder Steve Jobs who really pushed the ambitious project forward in the years and months leading up to his death in 2011.

If the state of Apple’s under-construction campus holds about as much fascination for you as a brick, perhaps the kit used to shoot the video will be of interest.

For this particular production, YouTube user myithz operated a GoPro Hero4 Black camera – shooting in super high-res 4K at 30fps – attached to a foldable Tarot 680 Pro hexacopter frame.

As you’d expect with 4K footage, the quality looks great, with the overall production spoiled only by a couple of the Tarot’s rotors occasionally popping into shot, though for drone enthusiasts with no interest whatsoever in Apple or architecture, this could turn out to be the highlight.

[Via 9to5Mac]

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