RAW has arrived in VSCO — and more filters inspired by real film are next

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Film presets, like those used in the photo above, will be available on VSCO with a new subscription model.
Editing app VSCO now allows users to tap into the data inside digital negatives from both their phones and DSLRs. On December 7, the app shared an update that allows users to edit RAW photos shot with smartphones as well as dedicated cameras.

The update, which has already began rolling out to some iOS users, allows those with the iPhone 6 and later cameras to capture RAW images, import them from other sources and, of course, edit the files. The updates comes after Apple added compatibility for DNG, a universally accessible RAW file format, earlier this year. Since RAW files capture more data than a traditional JPEG, the files are more flexible in post processing.

vsco adds raw support rawedit 1

The expanded file compatibility is being paired with an update to the VSCO community. A new machine learning algorithm will now find images similar to those shared by users, using object recognition to display photos of similar subjects. The editing apps photo-sharing community now also offers a search and discover section that helps users find new photographers to follow.

vsco adds raw support rawedit 3

The software improvements are also being rolled out with a new way for users to access VSCO’s paid features. A $20 annual membership gives users access to all paid presets, currently numbering over 100 options. Subscribers will also gain access to new filters before other users do, including the platform’s upcoming film-inspired presets. VSCO says the program’s first subscribers will gain access to the Fuji Pro 400H and the Kodak Porta 160 and 400, digital filters named for the physical film they are designed to imitate.

For now, the annual membership is invitation-only, but VSCO users interested in getting access to every filter and effect can add themselves to a wait list. Meanwhile, users can still access the new RAW compatibility with the app’s free download as the update begins rolling out to users.

Updated December 19 by Daven Mathies to include new image assets from VSCO.

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