Watch flowers reveal their hidden beauty in this time-lapse video

watch flowers reveal hidden beauty timelapse video david de los santos flower
Flowers are, without any doubt, among the most beautiful things in nature. With their multitude shapes and colors, they are a pleasure to behold, no matter whether in a park, in the wilderness, or in a vase on your table. As with most living things, flowers go through a perpetual circle of birth and death. After taking a long time to grow a bud, it will eventually bloom and reveal its hidden beauty, only to wither again shortly thereafter.

Watching a flower undergo the metamorphosis from a little green bud to a colorful blossom can be fascinating, but only rarely do we have the time to observe the whole process, which can take multiple hours, if not even days. Thankfully, however, there are people like David de los Santos, who invest a lot of time and work into capturing that process in pictures.

De los Santos’ latest video shows flowers such as lilies, hibiscuses, orchids, dandelions, and daisies turning from buds into blossoms, revealing their hidden beauty piece-by-piece. Using nothing more than a Fufijilm HS30EXR camera, two desk lamps, and a black backdrop, De los Santos captured the blooming process of these flowers by taking images at set intervals between 1 and 10 minutes. Over the course of nine months, he shot a total of 50,000 frames this way, 5,000 of which were later used for the final video.

So, as you see, you don’t need extensive or expensive equipment to create videos like this, just a little creativity and lots of patience. More of De los Santos’ work can be found on Vimeo and on his website.

(Via SLR Lounge)

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