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Watch this FPV drone take on the world’s highest waterfall

Action-packed and artfully shot first-person-view (FPV) drone videos are all the rage just now, though most of them seem to be shot in and around buildings and urban areas.

Keen to take his own high-speed drone into nature, ace FPV drone pilot Ellis van Jason recently headed to Venezuela to shoot a dramatic dive down Angel Falls, which at 3,121 feet (979 meters) is the world’s highest waterfall.

“I had this beautiful country on my bucket list for many years,” van Jason said in comments accompanying the video (below). “My friends and I explored the jungle for days by boat, foot, helicopter, and drone to show you something unique.”

The stunning footage shows van Jason’s drone zipping over treetops and rocky outcrops before arriving at the top of the falls and taking a dramatic drive downward. The drone comes so close to the water that specks hit the lens, but the pilot skillfully steers clear of a potentially calamitous total immersion.

Venezuela | Cinematic FPV over Angel Falls

The Switzerland-based videographer spent two weeks in Venezuela, describing the sprawling Canaima National Park where the falls are located as “very unpredictable and full of surprises.”

Pilot van Jason has been honing his FPV drone skills for the last few years — taking his flying machine to the Philippines, Madeira, and the Faroe Islands, among other places — and now shares his knowledge through online courses at his Drone Academy.

FPV drones

FPV drones, which a pilot flies using a headset with a live video feed, have been getting increased exposure recently thanks to improved cameras and the insane flying skills of those who operate them.

The specialized drones are often built by the pilots themselves, with the devices offering greater maneuverability and speed than many of the camera-equipped consumer drones that we see on the market today.

One of the most incredible FPV drone videos of recent times, which unsurprisingly gained worldwide attention, shows a fly-through of a bowling alley in Minneapolis. So impressive was it that even Hollywood took notice.

Other mind-blowing efforts include this footage from Manchester City’s soccer stadium, a visit to a wedding, and this stunning sequence captured above an erupting volcano.

For more awesome FPV drone footage, check out this collection of some of the very best videos shot over recent years.

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