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Zeiss shows off 40mm f/2 Close Focus lens for Sony full-frame cameras

Alongside its new ZX1 full-frame compact camera, Zeiss announced a new Batis 40mm f/2 Close Focus Distagon lens for Sony’s full-frame E-mount camera systems.

The 40mm f/2 Close Focus lens is the fifth in Zeiss’ Batis lineup — a lineup that covers focal lengths between 18mm and 135mm. Following suit with other lenses in the Batis lineup, the 40mm f/2 Close Focus lens features an OLED focus distance display that adaptively shows the depth of field. It also includes robust weather- and dust-sealing, for more trying environments. When paired with compatible Sony E-mount cameras, the entire system should be resistant to water and dust.

As its name suggests, the 40mm f/2 Close Focus lens is great for close-up shots with its minimum focusing distance of just 9.45 inches (24cm) with a 1:3.3 reproduction ratio. It features nine optical elements in eight groups, including multiple aspherical and “special glass” elements. The 40mm f/2 Batis has an aperture range between f/2 and f/22.

The lens weighs in at 0.80 pounds (361 grams) and has a 67mm front filter thread. The 40mm f/2 Batis lens features a floating lens design and Zeiss’ T* multi-layer coating, which is said to provide “maximum image quality in almost any situation.”

Zeiss says the 40mm focal length puts it in a unique position between the more standard 35mm and 50mm focal lengths typically seen in other lenses. “The Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF is able to tackle various photography challenges thanks to its special 40-millimeter focal length,” Zeiss said in its press release. “From portrait and street photography to landscape and architecture — anything is possible with this high-resolution fixed focal length.”

“The focal length on the Zeiss Batis 2/40 CF makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, something customers have been eagerly awaiting, says Dr. Michael Pollmann, Category Manager for Imaging at Zeiss. “The lens bridges the current gap between the Zeiss Batis 25mm f/2 and the Zeiss Batis 85mm f/1.8.”

The Zeiss Batis 40mm f/2 lens will retail for $1,299 and ship with a lens hood, as well as front and rear lens caps. As of publishing this, Zeiss hasn’t set a definitive release date. We will update this article accordingly when Zeiss releases availability information.

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