Trends with Benefits: Drone zappers, alien megastructures, #FrozenChook

Streaming services are moving past ’80s reruns and finally figuring out live TV. Rumors abound that Apple may work with CBS, and Amazon is discussing live services of its own. How will this effect the big cable companies? Also, how does everyone stay competitive with P2P sharing?

In odd news that seems like it should be from the future, Google has plans for a solar-powered contact lens, that could be a step towards making us all cyborgs. Battelle Innovations also has a product called the DroneDefender, which uses radio pulses to take down drones on the spot.

Some people think scientists just discovered an alien megastructure on the distant star, KIC 8462852. Is it an actual Dyson sphere? This could be the nerdiest discussion ever had on this show.

We shot a segment for Good Morning America last week, and Editor in Chief Jeremy Kaplan tells us all about their visit to our New York offices to “torture test” different iPhone cases.

Finally, Caleb explains what #FrozenChook is. It’s probably not what you were thinking.

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